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SIMADSep 09th, 2014 website

SIMAD is a French social landlord, providing high quality housing for all low-income people of the town.
The website goal is providing general information and news on the company. The dynamic parts of the website are:
  • The active requests for proposal list
  • Some texts of the website
  • Two distinct galleries of pictures
  • A public list of documents
All those topics can easily be updated with the provided administration part, directly accessible by the customer. This is similar to CMS usage but with the following differences:
  • The interface is only showing what can be modified, in the natural topics
  • There is more freedom on how the present and validate administration pages
  • The base website content is traditional HTML, nothing specific
  • The web designer can change the HTML content and database to add new dynamic items
  • The web designer can decide to integrate any Javascript UI facilities
  • Easy maintenance and reuse of existing contents
  • High performance because of aggressive cache of the end-user display
Here is a list in the final result:
simad result sample
Here is the corresponding administration page:
simad admin page
This administration tab is validating the entries of the form while modification, and activates the "Ajouter..." (means Add) button when all validation conditions are met. The validation conditions are defined in the PHP code, in the frame implementation. Javascript writing is necessary, but minimal.
Another screen, with multiple user-added documents:
simad documents sample
Here is the corresponding administration page:
simad documents admin
Those screenshots shows that we can customize the administration screen (here in two categories) and also the final display as well
In fact the final display was statically designed at first, and almost not changed.
Some other administration screenshots:
A list for images for the gallery:
simad pictures admin

The page for updating website contents:
simad article update area
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