Welcome to CMC website!Jun 10th 2014

We are proud to present the first version of CMC for PHP framework!

Current version can achieve some good work, however it is still a young software, so many features are waiting for implementation.
Advanced examples and documentation will be progressively available.
Don't hesitate contacting us and tell us what is most important for you, or for any kind of remarks, questions, ...

Sources are available under the GPL license.

The main goal of this first release is validating some of the original techniques which are involved.
Especially performing the view as a hierarchical document rather than inserting PHP snippet or using a special view language, is rarely visible in PHP frameworks.

So far I can tell that the result is very positive: it is clearly a good performance solution, with good presentation vs code decoupling.

Now we need to know how people feel, like or dislike our work. Based on those feedbacks the framework will be improved on its PHP form, and other form may come up, in C++ or Java.

Main features of CMC for PHP frameworkJun 10th 2014

This framework is designed for easy web development, with a complete liberty in the HTML/CSS/Javascript design. Then this is almost trivial to transform a static-design site into a dynamic one.
Here are the main features of this framework:

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