Planned enhancements

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The following enhancements are planned, listed by current priority.

  • more tutorials and examples
  • build more advanced widgets like multilayer composite
  • add real business layer capability
  • refactor the javascript generation part
  • implement server-side control rules
  • add possible storage of some materials in a database
  • add log functions with live log level change
  • better error handling functions
  • design a decoupled testing environment
  • make tools to debug cache and/or session content
  • add regular expression view cache invalidate function
  • add possible push, pull, push/pull options in widget handling
  • internal redirection capability
  • improve REST usability: fallback solution, easier interface...
  • protection of snippet (avoid that a snippet can be loaded alone)
  • separate styles for banner and timings
  • solution for automatic (dynamic?) sitemap
  • add encryption in sensitive data?
  • automatic compatibility detect?
  • performance measurement for database and business logic
  • refactor the html/xml to improve decoupling
  • refactor for being less jQuery dependent, and let choice between alternatives like dojo